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Fluoride: the facts

Unfortunately this is an issue I run into every single day. Somehow misinformation has been put out there for the world to take in and run away with. People refuse fluoride for their children and themselves all the time because they may not fully understand the benefits of fluoride on teeth both systemically and topically administered. Here are some facts from a journal article.


Expanding ways to obtain a Bachelors degree for Dental Hygienists

Having done my education a little backwards by attending a University first for my pre-requisites and then finishing my dental hygiene program at a Community College I find this article particularly interesting. I know I would have LOVED the opportunity to attend the specific program that I did and still receive a baccalaureate degree. Read the whole article here…

E-cigs… Helpful or Harmful?

So electronic cigarettes are becoming highly popular for many different reasons. The reason I hear most often from patients is to help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes, but is this actually a safe alternative? I am not convinced that there is enough scientific research that has been completed and published yet to make an educated decision. Check this video out and see what you think.

Oral Health is part of Systemic Health

Oral health is most definitely part of your over all health. Dental is one of the most neglected health aspects in my opinion. Too many people to do not understand how one effects the other. Reading this article will help open your eyes at a glimpse of just how important oral health is.

A healthy work style.

So we all know that in being a dental hygienist we run the risk of work related injury. We don’t work in the most conducive environment for a healthy body. Sitting for 8 hours leaned over trying to get the best angle to get the grime off can  really take a toll on our muscles. Two different articles from two hygiene magazines touched on that subject recently. Both articles presented different approaches to ensuring a healthier work style. In my opinion both ways must be taken into consideration for optimum comfortability while you are working. Take a look and see what you think!

RDH Magazine: Aim for less strain, less pain in the dental hygiene operatory.

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene: Stretching for Musculoskeletal Health.


OH MY GOODNESS! I just came across this little flosser in RDH magazine. Too freakin’ funny. I will definitely try to recommend this to the men (my boyfriend and his friends). I think they will catch on to the nun chuck reference and totally dig it. I also think that while they say they have “too big of hands” to floss, this may aid them in reaching behind those gnarly third molars…

The cool way to floss
What to floss with if you’re a ninja 🙂

Things to remember…

As a new dental hygienist there is a lot to remember about my license. This is particularly over -whelming because this is my first year and I want to make sure I  remember everything. Even though I recall being exempt my first go round from continuing education rules, I know one day I will need to do them. This link is a little reminder of what is required.

Esther Wilkins’ Education Program

I read an article today about Xlear and its donation of Spry® to the America’s ToothFairy Affiliate Network. The article sparked my interest in the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation and America’s ToothFairy. After researching the foundation I became even more interested in what the foundation does to help children across the United States. To read this article click here.

Esther Wilkins’ Education Program is one of the many ways that the foundation takes strides to improve children’s oral health. There are many different ways we as dental hygienists are able to participate in her education program. Click here to find out how to help.


Local Anesthesia

I have been searching around looking for somewhere not too far away to get my local anesthesia from and this is what I have come up with for the East Tennessee area. IF you go on the TN Board of Dentistry website there are other listings for the course but I called the contact number for dentedonline and he returned my call right away and was very nice.

Some dentists have stated that they do not want their hygienists giving injections. The way I see it is that with the competitive job market getting certified for local anesthesia only makes a hygienist more “hirable” even if the dentist I work for decides he doesn’t want me to use it at least i will have the knowledge.

They have two different dates right now to choose from. I was told that you could get both local anesthesia and nitrous oxide done in one trip if you choose the August date. 🙂

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